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❝ I have lost a treasure, such a sister, such a friend as never can have been surpassed. She was the sun of my life, the gilder of every pleasure, the soother of every sorrow; I had not a thought concealed from her, and it is as if I had lost a part of myself. I loved her only too well- ❞

- Cassandra Austen to Fanny Knight, 1817

Rainbow Rowell is coming to the UK vdthjkijbfdesxvyuum7hvdseryjoufrgnkydhkiufdhmkgd

Just wanted to quickly say if you tag me in things / message me sorry for not replying. I’m super busy rn and have tumblr blocked on my pc and answering asks ect on the app is just awkward, but I will get to them when I’m back. :)
You can usually get in touch with me on twitter though.


Helen Castor aka best female medieval historian ever WROTE AN ARTICLE ON FEMALE POWER IN GAME OF THRONES 

I would read if i were you